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Friends Of The Pack

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Our Friends program is ideal for players in small guilds, that would like to raid with a group of great people, that they can get to know without leaving their guild. This is awesome for people that do not like to pug as well.

What You Get

1. Access to The Wulfepack website with all permissions of our members.
2. You can post raids in our event section
3. You can post an event in our event section
4. You can sign-up for any raids or events posted
5. You get access to our discord page
6. You can stay in your guild.

How do I know I will be treated like a Wulfepack member?

When you say yes to a raid/event the website places a number beside your name. For a raid the first 12 people get invited first at the time of the raid. If people do not show up then we just continue down the list of people that sign-up. As a Friend you agree to using this system for any raids/events that you post.

We also ask that you follow our Code of the Pack. All of our members follow the code and this is your assurance that you will be treated as a member. If someone is not following the code simply send BLIME an in game mail with what happened and we will deal with it.

What do we get?

We get to know a lot of great people that would raid and quest with us. You will never be asked to join The wulfepack but we would not say no if you ask us.