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Code of the Pack
CODE of the PACK (all members)

1. Respect the Pack as well as other players:
  • I shall not demean or degrade my fellow pack members
  • I shall refrain from the use of profanity in guild chat
  • I shall not initiate or participate in racist/sexist remarks or racist/sexist humor in guild chat
  • [*] I shall not talk about politics, without consent from other channel members
  • I shall not initiate or participate in any form of sexual harassment toward any player
  • I shall not initiate or participate in the defamation of character towards any of my fellow pack members
  • I shall not harass any fellow pack members in regard to their character build (I shall provide suggestions if welcomed)
  • I shall consult an officer if I observe any violation of the code

2. Hunt with the Pack for the benefit of the Pack as a whole:

  • I shall participate in Pack raids, quests, and events to the best of my ability (refrain from hissy fits, play your role as best as you can, do not pike unless permitted by group).
  • I shall remain with my Pack. I understand that 6 months of inactivity will result in removal from the Pack unless an officer was notified.
  • I shall obey the looting rules of the Pack.
    • Keep what you kill (The loot you pull is yours first).
    • If you get something you cannot use, offer it to the guild/party first. If none can use it, do as you please. Vendor trash not applicable.
    • All pack members are encouraged to collect as much guild renown as possible. Guild renown = guild experience points. The more we attain the faster the stronger the pack grows (additional and enhanced ship buffs).
    • Guild Chest Etiquette: Remember that the purpose of the guild chest is to provide all Pack members the opportunity to acquire quality gear to be put to use. We do not encourage members to remove items from the chest only to sell them. This prevents members, that could actually use the item, from acquiring them. Taking items en masse and selling them for profit is not only exploiting the function of the Guild Chest, it is exploiting the integrity of the guild as a whole. Guild Chest Exploitation is grounds for the removal of all of a player's toons from the guild.

3. Raid Etiquette:
  • All pack members agree not to hold up the start of a raid. If real life issues arise then please drop from the group.
  • In raids where directions and communication is a must please keep funny chatter to a minimum
  • Follow the directions of the Raid Leader
  • Sign-up using the website calendar. This will ensure your place. The site tracks the order that you sign up in.
  • Share your loot if you are not able to use it (now or in the future) if it is BTC

4. It is the responsibility of all Pack members to report UNRESOLVED issues with or between pack members, regardless of rank, to an officer or the Pack Leader as soon as possible.

5. Real life comes first. Its only a game. Have fun!

Oath of the Dire Guard (officers)

I, as a member of the Dire Guard, hereby devote myself to adhere to and uphold the Code of the Pack, as well as the following duties:

  1. To recruit new members in the spirit of the code, and assure to the best of my abilities, that initiates are made fully aware of The Code of the Pack.
  2. To inform new members of the website, and encourage them to visit and become a site member.
  3. Upon recruiting a new member, to send a letter to the Pack Leader (via in-game mail) containing the initiate's full name in order for he/she to receive a letter of welcoming (does not pertain to alts).
  4. To attend officer meetings, and give notice if unable to attend.
  5. To monitor guild chat and mediate/resolve issues amongst Pack members, regardless of rank. In the case where an issue cannot be resolved, consult with the Pack Leader.
  6. To keep in mind, that in the Wulfepack, we don't want fellow Pack members to rely on P.U.G.'s (pick-up-groups) or hunt alone. Include all Pack members in groups as best as possible, and encourage Pack members to team with one another as often as possible.
  7. To keep fellow officers and the Pack leader informed on current events and conduct within the Wulfepack as a whole.
  8. To be involved in the process of determining any disciplinary action that may or may not be applied to any member or officer in the Pack

Pledge of the Alpha Wulfe (Guild Leader)

I, as Pack Leader, hereby devote myself to adhere to and uphold the Code of the Pack and the Oath of the Dire Guard, as well as the following duties:

  1. To be available for Officer meetings, and to carry out decisions made as the majority rules. Coup attempts are the only time a veto is allowed.
  2. To ensure that the officers are kept apprised of any new information involving the game or the Guild.
  3. To ensure that the Wulfepack has a minimum of 8 officers and that they are filled at all times.
  4. To ensure that there is a successor in place.
  5. To insure a majority vote is obtained, with a minimum quorum of 5 members present for votes.
  6. When an issue arises that involves an officer, the leader, at his/her discretion, can temporarily demote said individual until such time as an investigation is completed.
  7. When an issue arises that needs to be investigated, the guild leader should endeavor to conduct the investigation, or designate an officer to investigate, in as timely a manner as possible.

"For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf,
           and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack"
~ Rudyard Kipling